Why choose Schoolhouse Wear?

Ever get the headache of trying to go through a box full of shirts to figure out who got what size?
Items are ordered by the individual families and shipped straight to them.

Do parents need to have a minimum amount to order?
No minimum ordering is required. We offer free shipping on orders over $50. Standard flat rate shipping is $5

What if the parents order the wrong size?
If the item does not fit, parents may return the item for free with our return portal.

When should the parents expect to receive their order?
Majority of the goods are custom made as they are ordered. We ask for 2 weeks for production time. In most cases, orders are fulfilled within 48 hours.

What do you mean by goods are custom made?
Goods are made as they are ordered. This lowers the cost to the families due to not paying for the overhead cost of stocking 100’s of items in each size.

How many items can we have?
This will depend on the branding of your school. Most schools have 2-3 primary colors. It is best to stick with offering parents colors that fit the school.

Branding your school is important.

Let's be honest, offering 100's of items in all different colors might seem "cool," but offering items that don't fit your school's brand is bad.
Let's work together to ensure your students show the right school spirit.

Quality Digitizing


We start with a clean vector file


Next, we set the stitches


We follow up with quality checks


Finished Logo


Let's start our relationship off right by getting to know each other.