The Best Part(s)

Ever get the headache of trying to go through a box full of shirts to figure out who got what size?
We individually fold, bag, and tag every item so that when it arrives in your hands there is no guessing game. 

Leave it to the parents, they know best.
Orders can be placed by the parents at anytime. No minimum order.

What do you mean no minimum order?
You read that right. If a week goes by and only 1 student orders, no problem, we will fulfill and ship.

Okay, but what about the cost of shipping?
All items will be delivered to your school free of charge.

Branding your school is important.

Let's be honest, offering 100's of items in all different colors might seem "cool," but it's not good to offer items that don't fit your school's brand.
Let's work together to ensure your students show the right school spirit.


Let's start our relationship off right by getting to know each other.